LNG Cargo & Ballast Handling Simulator Training (LICOS)


It is essentially a practical course consisting of a number of exercises designed around the operation of the cargo and ballast systems of an LNG Carrier by using a K-Sim CHS Simulator (both full-mission and desk working stations).  Theory is presented in relation to the IGC Code requirements while examples of well-worked out loading and discharging plans are explained and discussed.


On completing the Training Course, the participating Officers are expected to:

  • Be familiar with the equipment, instrumentation and controls used for cargo handling on an LNG Carrier.
  • Acquire a greater awareness of the need for proper pre-planning, use of check lists and the time scales involved in the various LNG cargo and ballast handling operations, ranging from the post dry dock operations, the initial loading, the loaded voyage, the discharging operations and the emergency procedures.
  • Improve their ability to prepare the cargo system for loading/discharging including lining-up and operation of the equipment.