Laboratories & Workshops

There is an exponential growth in the technology of modern ships driven mostly by the need for increased safety, better monitoring of ship’s engines, auxiliary plants and equipment, less emissions and other discharges into the environment, and better energy efficiency and to maintain, at the required standard, a ship still exists, and it is invariably greater in ageing ships.

At the same time, the traditional need for competent seafarers to work with tool machines, to inspect and maintain the shipboard equipment, to carry out testing and analysis by using the available portable means onboard and to maintain at the required standard a ship still exists and it is invariably bigger in ageing ships.

The establishment of the two Laboratories of the ATHINA Maritime Learning and Development Center serves the abovementioned needs, and their use is aimed at offering hands-on practice and familiarization of new Officers before they go onboard.

Our long-term aim is to make available as much equipment as possible found on deck or in the machinery spaces on ships, in cooperation with manufacturers, the contribution of which is highly appreciated.

The basement area of the ATHINA MLDC Building accommodates a 200 m2 Electromechanical Laboratory and an 80 m2 Ship Safety Workshop.


1. MMAW (Electrical Welding) Training Booths

Facility: Electrical Welding (MMAW)
Equipment: (4) Fully equipped MMAW Booths with exhaust fan
• Type of machines
• Electrodes
Open Circuit Voltage: 200 A
Number of Trainees: Max (2) per booth

2. Fuels/Lubricants Testing Bench

Facility: Fuels/Lubricants Testing Chemical Resistance Bench
Equipment: (4) Working Stations, Portable kits for compatibility, stability, pour point, ferrous wear, cold corrosion.
Other equipment: Eye wash & PPE
Number of Trainees: Max (4)

3. OWSE / Bilge Water Separator

Facility: Electromechanical Lab
Equipment: Training Oil/Water Separator, MEPC.107 (49) Emulsion Breaking, EPE S.A. Poseidon (0.5 m3/h)
Other equipment: Bilge Alarm
Number of Trainees: Max (12)

4. Ballast Water Treatment System (Electrochlorination)

Facility: Electromechanical Lab
Equipment: PURIMAR BWTS, (Filtration & Electrochlorination), (3 Skids + Main Operation Panel)
Other equipment: TRO Analyzer,  Gas Sensors
Number of Trainees: Max (12)

5. High Voltage – Low Voltage Training Switchboards

Facility: Electromechanical Lab
Equipment: ΚΤΕ HV Simulator, 6.600 V, 3 Φ, 630 A, Service Voltage 220 V
KTE LV Simulator, 440 V, 3 Φ, 630 A, Service Voltage 220 V
Other equipment: Vacuum Circuit Breaker, ACB
Number of Trainees: Max (12)

6. Electro- pneumatic Training Skids

Facility: Electromechanical Lab
Equipment: (2) Electro-pneumatic Skids, (1) M/E Maneuvering System
Other equipment: CMA
Number of Trainees: Max (12)


Facility: Ship Safety Laboratory
Equipment: SCBA, Portable Gas Meters, UTIs, Air compressor, EEBDs and other FSA/LSA Equipment, etc.
Use: Area of practice on tanker safety procedures
Number of Trainees: Max (16)