Research and Consultancy

  • Our Training Center collaborates with the industry and academia in marine training-related R & D projects with the aim to further expand our knowledge base, improve our training courses and help optimize the use of simulators.
  • Simulation exercises are designed to produce collision avoidance trajectories, using a number of modelled ships of diverse types, sizes and maneuvering characteristics, as well as, custom environmental and traffic conditions.
  • Competence assessment in the areas of ship handling, cargo management and engineering for newly promoted Officers are conducted, based on a well-developed procedure aimed at capturing the training needs of the individual or a watch-keeping team.
  • Research is to be also undertaken on the behavior, reaction and decision making skills of Officers under simulated conditions, promoting the behavioral competences required in the maritime profession.
  • Incidents or dangerous situations, the reconstruction of which on a marine simulator helps the investigation process, can be also designed to help identify the root or contributory causes or verify the results of the analysis.