The ATHINA Maritime Learning and Development Center is hosted in a building of around 3.5 thousand sq. meters, located in Athens, Greece (44 Εvelpidon Avenue & 1 Andrea Kalvou, Voula).

The training facilities cover an area of around 1,500 sq. meters, consisting of a complex of full-mission marine simulators, (3) fully equipped classrooms, two (2) laboratories/workshops, an administration office, a data center and a lounge area. The two adjacent classrooms on the ground floor are separated via a portable partition, and when combined, an auditorium of 120 seats capacity is available for seminars and conferences.

One of the ground floor classrooms hosts a number of ECDIS Stations (not simulators), some installed on marine type pedestals, and other with their software installed in commercially available computers.

The basement laboratories (Ship Safety and Electromechanical Laboratory), other than fixed equipment, will be hosting machineries made available from marine equipment makers during the delivery of certain courses (i.e. turbochargers, Framo pumps, etc.).

Τhe facilities are subject to change and development, in particular in the Laboratories where we are expecting the delivery of new equipment and skids that will increase the hands-on practice in many of the Training Center’s courses.

Very soon, in a special area of this website, those companies and individuals, who have donated training equipment to our Training Center from Greece and abroad, will be presented to project this way the value of their gesture and our cooperation.



The first floor of the ATHINA MLDC hosts a complex of full – mission marine simulators. The full-mission simulators provide a “total ship” concept with the bridge and engine simulators fully interconnected, and the cargo handling simulator running in parallel to simulate routine or complex cargo handling operations. Courses such as the Safety Leadership and exercises involving Deck and Engine Officers’ parallel participation are cases that the abovementioned concept provides an added training value.


Bridges 1, 2 & 3

A full mission Ship Handling Simulator, 3000 field of view (2400 horizontal field of view + 600 aft view), a mock – up of a modern, integrated bridge equipped with all mandatory navigational instruments. Two separate Instructor Rooms including a designated, debriefing room are available aimed at developing, running, recording and playing back the exercises.


The Full-Mission Engine Room Simulator is capable of simulating all machinery operations in the engine control room and machinery. It consists of:
• An Engine Control with the electric plant switchboards based on metal consoles replicating the layout of a modern ECR.
• An Engine room consisting of six (6) local operation stations equipped with two touch screens
• A Virtual Machinery Space station with a 3D walk through view functionality.
• An Interactive mimic wall station for 2D mimics/system diagrams.


The Full-Mission Cargo Handling Simulator consists of a Centralized Cargo Control Room with all necessary consoles and instrumentation including an Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control System, Overfill Devices, an on-line loading, stress and stability instrument, Inert Gas Panel, a fixed pump room and a ballast tanks gas detection system. A special compartment within the simulator’s area the simulator’s area simulates a shore loading/discharging terminal station and local deck post stations. The full mission liquid cargo handling simulator is connected to six (6) desk top cargo handling stations and a debriefing room.


The ECDIS Training Room consists of (4) four ECDIS workstations with ECDIS software and chart data installed with compatible operating system, three separate and continuously displayed screens (ECDIS, conning and RADAR), a separate visual channel (32’’) and a console of rudder control, engine telegraph. The ECDIS Simulator is a TRANSAS Navi-Trainer Professional (NT-PRO) Simulator.