Passage Planning with the use of ECDIS


The overall aim of the Training Course is to further improve the knowledge and skills of Masters and Bridge Officers on the implementation of passage planning in ECDIS, covering all stages, from appraisal to route monitoring.

The Training Course is practical and theoretical, combining practice on a TRANSAS ECDIS Simulator and detailed reference to the best available navigational practices and Company’s procedures.


The trainees, on completing the course, will be able:

  • to fully comprehend the IMO Guidelines on Voyage Planning (adopted with the Resolution A.893.21) and the company’s related navigational procedures.
  • to design a Berth-to-Berth Passage Plan following a thorough appraisal of the intended voyage, promoting the safety and efficiency of navigation and the protection of the environment, and to write the Plan in the Navi
  • to calculate the UKC at relevant points and the safe passage time windows considering the available tidal data, to create No-Go and danger arears in MAPS and develop abort plans.
  • to consider issues relating to security, to the compliance with international and local regulations and to environmental protection issues.
  • to be fully aware of and make easy use of the documented forms and checklists of the company relating to passage planning.


The practice will take place at the ATHINA Maritime Learning and Development Center’s ECDIS Laboratory equipped with a TRANSAS Navi-Trainer Professional (NT-PRO) Simulator certified according to the DNVGL standard 33/2018. The Laboratory consists of four (4) ECDIS Simulators – Workstations, each one with a separate visual channel, conning display, ECDIS and Radar and a steering console.

Daily Schedule


  • Introduction – Learning Objectives
  • IMO and Industry standards on Passage Planning.
  • Familiarization with the ECDIS Simulator
  • Drawing a route in NaviPlanner, safety settings and schedule creation.
  • “Blue Waters” Navigation Practices, Plan Execution, Using Wheel Over Lines


  • Incorporating tidal data and demonstration in NaviPlanner
  • Writing the Passage Plan – Security and other considerations
  • Amending the Passage Plan
  • ECDIS Simulator Exercise – De-briefing – Closure