07 October 2021

Investigating Incidents & Safety Learning

7 October 2021

Another, excellent seminar on Incident Investigation took place from 5 to 6 October 2021 offering strong moments during the analysis of certain incidents and very productive discussions with the participants.

The aim of this Training Course is to provide Masters, Chief Engineers and Chief Officers (commonly assigned to undertake or contribute in the investigation of an incident) with the necessary knowledge on incident investigation and analysis.

All steps, from the initial reporting of an incident, collection of data and evidence, analysis according to existing methodologies, up to the identification of causal factors were presented in detail, assisted by case studies and practical exercises.

The seminar was prepared and delivered by Capt. Thodoris LEFAKIS, Head of Incident Investigation and Giorgos DIAMANTIS, Senior Incident Investigation Officer of Minerva Marine.

It was attended by 14 Officers (4 Masters, 6 Chief Officers, 3 2nd Engineer Officers and one 2nd Officer) as well as by 3 members of the shore personnel of Minerva Gas and Minerva Marine.

This particular seminar plays an important role in further forging the safety culture of the company, in the context of which, learning from determining the causes and the contributory factors of incidents is a key objective that is systematically promoted.