January 2024

Mooring and Snap Back Areas

Month/Year: January 2024

Name/Rank: Stefanou Panagiotis, Second Officer

Theme: Mooring and Snap Back Areas


Mooring operations on board can potentially hide a number of risks for crewmembers who get involved. Thus, it is of a great importance when conducting any mooring operation to take into account snap-back areas, mitigating the risk of accidents of all those involved in the operation.

This training moment was initiated by Stefanou P., during a session of “Safety Officer & Risk Assessment” seminar who was requested to dive into the latest MEG4 regulations and share his view about snapback areas adopted on board, while pointing out advancements in the field of safety on mooring operations over the years.

The reader of this article is expected to gain knowledge about the effect of different line materials on snapback depending on the elasticity and the elongation specifications, features on the recoil and possible paths a mooring line can follow while experiences snapback, the benefits of snapback areas over zones in reducing operational risk and new industry practices developed/under development to ensure that everyone involved stays intact.

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