27 June 2022

Seminar on diesel engines’ turbochargers by ABB

A seminar on 2-stroke and 4-stroke diesel engines’ turbochargers was organized on 27 June 2022 for more than 20 Engineer Officers of Minerva Marine by ABB (Accelleron Industries).

The seminar was conducted by Mr. Spyros Georgopoulos and Mr. Aggelos Smyrneos of ABB. Key areas were the operation and maintenance of turbochargers, the mechanical and water washing and cleaning, the causes and impact of surging and condition based maintenance based on measuring vibrations.

It is worth noting that ABB honoring the long-term relationship with Minerva has donated to ATHINA a TPS44-F32 turbocharger, on which, practice on overhauling, thrust and radial bearings’ replacement and clearances’ measurement took place during the seminar.

The participants Senior and Jr Officers discussed with the Instructors issues around the correct assembly of components during overhauling onboard, the recommended periods of bearings’ replacement, the material of turbines, the increase of engine efficiency, the air pressure monitoring at the compressor wheel side, etc.