November 2022

The new IHO S-100 data model

MONTH/YEAR: November  2022

NAME/RANK: Fotis Devves , 2nd Officer

THEME: The new IHO S-100 data model


The training moment was captured during an ECDIS Course, when the discussion focused on Ecdis standards.  The new S-100  will eventually replace

S-57 – the established IHO Transfer Standard for Digital  Hydrographic Data .


F. Devves  searched and wrote a summary of the S-100 primary goal  which is to support a greater variety of hydrographic-related digital data sources, products, and customers. This includes the use of imagery and gridded data, enhanced metadata specifications, unlimited encoding formats and a more flexible  maintenance regime. This enables the development of new applications that go beyond the  scope of traditional hydrography – for example, high-density bathymetry, seafloor classification,  marine GIS, et cetera. S-100 is designed to be extensible and future requirements such as 3- D, time-varying data (x, y, z, and time) and Web-based services for acquiring, processing,  analysing, accessing, and presenting hydrographic data can be easily added when required.